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Jesse Matkosky

Jesse is the cohesive agent behind all things Relative Music Group, and we couldn’t thrive without his vision. You may have read about Jesse in previous bios (read: when Dennis moved his family from LA to Nashville), but it’s been a long time since the tumultuous LA summer of 1992, and Jesse has been on a music loving-and-learning journey ever since.


Shaped greatly by his adolescent years in Los Angeles, it’s rare that you’ll ever find Jesse putting someone in a box. His open mind and unprejudiced nature is what helps Relative bring all genres of music together under the one umbrella we call our own.  


Jesse currently thrives in creative direction for Relative Music Group’s writer and artist roster, but what he brings to the table from his previous experiences is what sets him, and RMG, apart. Jesse previously toured nationally with 300 Entertainment/Warner Music Nashville artist Bailey Bryan, serving as her band leader, and did so all while coordinating the production of her critically acclaimed debut EP. He’s recorded studio sessions, sang BGVs, sat in plenty a songwriting session (and has a few cuts himself), managed a stud-packed writing calendar or two and is just down right relatable because of it.


When he’s not working Jesse loves to ride bikes and watch movies with his wife, Ali, and their dog Jaco. He also reads a lot and Ali teases him about always knowing a little something about every topic that comes up. You should test him some time.

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